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A community planning and promotion site for GMs, players, and content creators using GLASS: Generic Live Action Simulation System.

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The core rules of GLASS will always be freely available for download as a PDF, called "shotGLASS." (The System Test Document will eventually be renamed to shotGLASS, when it leaves Beta.)

The complete rules for GLASS will be available as a print-on-demand soft or hard cover digest book and will include several examples, pages of inspirational artwork and photos, and at least twelve ready-to-run genre write-ups that GMs can lift in total or sample for their own game genre designs. The main GLASS book and any future Setting products will be copyright David Carle Artman or copyright the Setting's principle designer(s), with all rights reserved; and, therefore, none of such content may be reproduced in other publications or projects.

The only restriction on the use of shotGLASS is that, at no time, may someone other than David Carle Artman publish elements of the core rules (i.e. any part of shotGLASS). The free core rules are intended to be a loss-leader draw to the main GLASS book and to future Setting products; therefore, it is a violation of the Creative Commons License under which GLASS has been released to reproduce any of the content in shotGLASS:

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License, copyright David Carle Artman

Of course, on the other hand, what you invent for your own game is your own: pre-defined Abilities or Ability packages not already printed in GLASS or shotGLASS; make-up requirements that grant the right to purchase specific Ability packages (i.e. "races"); the the game world itself, its cultures and peoples and politics. If it's not printed in shotGLASS or GLASS, it's all yours, to do with what you will! is under construction.